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How to draft an eye-catching cover letter and resume

HR managers get hundreds if not thousands of letters every day. There is no way they’ll take time to read the entire cover letter and hence you need an attention-grabbing cover letter to stand out. How will you do this?

  • Choose the relevant cover letter template

    Some companies use software for cover letter screening and so if you use fancy cover letter templates, you may be rejected in this phase. You need to be sure about the cover letter screening process of the company you are applying for.

    To be on the safe side, use a simple template to write your cover letter. The same should be done for your resume.

  • Mention the name of the hiring manager in the greeting section of the cover letter

    Most cover letters go with the "Dear sir" or "Dear Madam" phrases which to be honest lacks attention. Let's take an example, would you rather be approached as "Hey you!" or "Hey Daniel!"? The latter approach will definitely grab your attention due to the personal tactic.

    Similarly, addressing the hiring manager by name will grab his/her attention. To get the names of the HR managers, carry out your research. Look for their names on LinkedIn, or the official website or ask colleagues.

  • Include statistics and figures in your achievements

    Instead of saying “I have been working at ABC company for 10 years as a content developer" which of course is boring, why don't you say this, "I have been working at ABC company for 10 years as a content developer where I have managed to increase their blog traffic from 1k per month to over 7k in a month.”

    Including figures in your cover letter and resume makes your info more realistic increasing the chances of getting picked.

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