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Key elements or structure of a report

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Executive summary

Astonished by the name? Don't worry. An executive summary is simply abstract. It summarizes whatever content you covered in the report. That is why it is recommended that you write it as the last section after writing the whole report.

But don’t write it at the end. It should be the opening section of your report. It should include a brief summary of your topic, data collected, analysis methods, results, and recommendations. It should occupy utmost half a page.

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Introduction & Body

This section gives brief background information about your topic plus a summary of the problem or topic at hand.

This is the main part where the research will be presented with the results which can include visualizations like graphs, tables, data, or maps. The body is split into sections each with subheadings of the subtopic of consideration. Each section has its point well-explained.

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It concludes the report. That means that you should include the inferences and results drawn from the analysis in the body section. It should also include recommendations on how the research could be improved.

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Always lists the resources you used for research under this section according to the format given. The format could be APA, Harvard, or MLA.

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