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Written communication is utilized in each part of your day. Whether you're writing an essay for school, writing an electronic mail online, or writing a formal report at work, it's vital to check the submission and re-examine the content material to make sure it's far written as it should be and clearly.

Proofreading vs. Editing

Although proofreading is part of the editing process, editing entails some key differences. Editors who reviewed the document prior to a proofreader are focused on different factors of the text.

For example, an editor will evaluate the article to make sure the arguments and ideas are effective or rewrite sentences and sections so the whole article flows cohesively. A proof-reader will ensure that the following pre-submission elements are correct, that is:
Page formatting,
Line spacing

Why are Proofreading and editing processes important?

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Leads to high-quality articles

You may have put a lot of work into writing an article but if the article has spelling mistakes or a bad arrangement of tenses, it will be overlooked. Hence, proofreading will create a chance to identify these errors and work on them for quality articles.

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Avoids cases of rejection

If for instance, you are writing a cover letter or resume, the tense needs to be perfect. Any errors will lead to rejection for the potential work. This also applies to journals. A journal with errors will not likely be published.

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Corrects misunderstanding

Sometimes we may write a phrase that is grammatically correct but does not apply in your statement leading to misunderstanding. For example, instead of writing “The school principal arrived late”, one can end up writing “The school principle arrived late” which does not make any sense.

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proofreader software - Grammarly

In addition to engaging our expert editors, we use professional proofreader software - Grammarly – to check your submission for formatting, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax errors. Our skilled editor will also go through the content material for correctness and clarity.

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aZillion Words’ expert instructional proofreading online and editing service provider can guarantee that your very last submission is clear and mistake-free.