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A term paper is described as any sort of in-depth research paper authored by college students over the academic period. Simply put, a term paper is a key writing assignment, in an educational setting, used to show the understanding of students in a particular subject.

Before proceeding with the proposal or outline, ensure to comply with the instructions given to you. Clarifications have to be made with your instructor or lecturer before carrying out any research or writing work.

Steps Followed in Writing a Term Paper

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Select a topic of interest

It is always advisable to choose a topic you are fascinated about and which you have little knowledge of. Choosing a boring topic will make you write an uninteresting term paper leading to low marks.

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Research the chosen topic thoroughly

Being a scholar means you have access to your institution’s library through physical or online means. Look for books, web articles, and journals that cover your topic and highlight the main relevant ideas.

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Prepare the term paper outline (roll down for a sample outline)

In the outline, arrange all the ideas you'll use for each section from the introduction to the conclusion. Outline the layout to be used. The manner you lay out your term paper will rely largely on the academic course being studied. For example, the way one would format a term paper in an economics course will greatly differ from the way one format a term paper in a legal course.

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Write a proposal sample & Write your paper

A proposal sample aims to briefly explain the chosen topic and what the paper entails. Be sure to defend the topic you chose in the proposal. The proposal should be handed to the instructor and approved before writing the real term paper.
As you write the term paper, stick to the outlined points. Use facts, figures, and evidence you researched. Remember to use simple tense.

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Prepare a cover page

The cover page should contain your full names, course number, the names of your instructor, and the deadline date.

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Edit and proofread your final copy

Once you've completed the writing process, go through the work twice to identify spelling errors, and bad arrangements of tenses and improve on clarity.

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