Research Paper Writing

A research paper is an extended essay that presents your very own interpretation, assessment, or argument. When you write a research paper you convey info on what you understand and make an attempt to examine what professionals understand.

A research paper includes surveying an area of expertise in an effort to locate the possible info in that area. And that survey may be orderly and focused, in case you understand the way to approach it.

Stages of Writing a Research Paper

  • Define the research question

  • Create your research strategy

  • Analyze and Evaluate your sources

  • Draw a conclusion Defining your Research Question

Your instructor or lecturer has probably provided some general topics for your consideration.

How should you write a research question? Your research paper should concentrate on a specific angle of one of the topics. If your instructor did not assign a certain topic, pick a research question that excites you. Carrying out research is time-consuming, but you'll be motivated if you have the desire to learn a specific topic that interests you.

You should also check if you have access to all resources for conducting research on your topic, for instance, the primary and secondary sources. Create your research strategy Once you are settled on the research question or topic, approach the research process systematically by developing a research strategy.

First, assess your library's website. What academic resources are available? Where will you locate them? Do any resources require a special way of accessing them? Pick all the resources, especially the difficult ones.

Now that you've gathered the resources, now is the ideal time to assess them. To do this:

  • Check the reliability of the available information

    Where is the data coming from and what is its source?

  • Check the relevance of the available information

    Find out how the information is related to the research question. How does it support and negate your position? How can it connect with different sources you'll use in your paper?

  • Start writing

    Once you have confirmed that your sources are both dependable and relevant, you can confidently continue to compose a research paper.

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